Redesign of the
Guagus River Inn Website

The Innkeepers at the Guagus River Inn wanted to make some minor changes and take over maintenance of their website.  They were pretty happy with their site and had gotten a lot of positive feedback from guests.  I don't think they really wanted to redesign it, but when I looked at it I was horrified.  I didn't feel the site matched the elegance of their Inn.

Why did their guests like their old website?

Why didn't I like their old website?

What did we change?

To understand better what we are talking about, see the current version of the Guagus River Inn website.  The original version of the Guagus River Inn website is no longer available on-line, but we'll compare the old and new pages in one of our classes.  It's a good example of how a good site can be made better.

The original Guagus River Inn website was created several years ago, and obviously was successful in attracting customers.  I really like some of the newer websites created by the same company.  I'm sure if they had been given an opportunity to redesign it, they would have made similar changes.  What's important is not who creates your website, but that you continue to work with whoever designs it to make sure it meets your current needs.

The primary business of is website hosting.  We would like to work with whoever designs your website to make sure it meets your needs. will be offering courses in website design and maintenance, many of which will be free to those hosting sites on the server.  There will be courses this winter in Florida, and next spring in Maine.

Come back, we'll be adding more lessons.

Even better, host your page on and come to our classes to discuss your pages. Resources

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