Website Samples:  Navigation Bars on Top

Did you look at the Maine Photographics website discussed in the monolog entitled Some experiments with Image Size? One of the nice things about that design is that the same navigation bar appears at the top of every page.

The Blue Heron Art Gallery is another example using navigation bars on top, but the Home Page varies from other pages. It's not unusual for the Home Page to have it's own style.

Note that because of the Blue Heron logo is tall and needs the page titles to balance it, the navigation bar spans only part of the other pages. The bar is a little longer than required for the current buttons, just so it gives the impression of underlining the the Gallery's name.

Note that on both of these websites, pages which are long repeat the navigation bar at the bottom. This gives the reader who has scrolled to the bottom choices without having to scroll back to the top.

Another trick which we sometimes use when the navigation buttons have some other more graphic style, is to repeat the navigation buttons in text form at the bottom of a long page. An example of this can be found on this Town of Cherryfield page.

Did you try changing the width of the browser window when viewing this page? Notice what happens to the title. You can use view source to find out how that's coded.

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