Browser Recommendations

If you're going to develop a website, you need to review the pages you create in at least two or three different browsers. Here are the ones I recommend

My browser of choice. Opera closely adheres to the W3C standards, but doesn't support some extensions added by Microsoft to Internet Explorer which are outside the standard. As a result, some sites which use these extensions do not work well with Opera.
For anyone who liked using the early versions of Netscape, I recommend Mozilla. Mozilla has been developed by an open-source software project which got its start-up support from AOL's Netscape division.
This was another favorite of mine, until I started using Opera. Like Opera, this is a "tabbed" browser. I'm not sure one is better than the other, you just have to pick one browser as your primary browser.
This is the newest version of Netscape. I used Netscape as my primary browser up through version 4.7 ... for some reason I never really got into using versions 6 and 7 of Netscape (there never was a version 5).  In fact, I still test pages using version 4.7 which you can find in their product archive.
MS Internet Explorer
Internet Explorer is the gorilla of the browser world ... you've got to test your pages using it along with your own personal favorite browser.

(Click on the logo to learn more about each browser.)

FTP Programs

To transfer data to the server which hosts your website you're also going to need an FTP program (which stands for File Transfer Protocol—a protocol developed over 30 years ago to transfer files over the internet).

Go to your favorite shareware/freeware download site or—with luck that link will show you a list sorted by total downloads. I like both CuteFTP and WS_FTP, but tend to recommend WS_FTP because it's free for students.

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