Tip on Downloading Software

Create a Downloaded-Software folder on your hard drive where you keep copies of everything you download and install in your computer.

If you buy ACDSee on-line, they will send you a link to download it from ... put the file you download into your Downloaded-Software folder.  NOTE:  The original name of this file ends in .exe ... if the .exe is missing when you look in the folder using Windows Explorer (or My Computer) it means Windows is hiding the file extensions.  Solution: In Windows Explorer (or My Computer) under "Tools / Folder Options" go to the View tab and Uncheck "Hide file extensions for known file types".  (You also use Windows Explorer to move software installs you have in other folders into your new Downloaded-Software folder.)

Since you need to be able to figure out what this file is a year or two from now, if the original name isn't obvious, rename it something like ACDSee7-install.exe so it will be obvious.  (It's safe to rename any install program, just be sure you keep the extension the same.)

ACDSee will also send you one of more serial numbers.  Use NotePad or some other editor to create a .txt file in the same folder.  To do this you can probably (depends on your version of Windows) just right-click on a blank spot inside the folder while viewing the Downloaded-Software folder with Windows Explorer or My Computer and choose New / Text Document.  If this doesn't work, start NotePad (or other editor) from the Programs menu and save the file you create in your Downloaded-Software folder.

If the install program is named ACDSee7-install.exe then name the text file you create ACDSee7-install.txt ... copy and paste the serial numbers ACDSee sends you into this file.  (Using the same name except for the extension, makes the files sort together when you look in the folder later.)

By sure you backup your Downloaded-Software folder to a CD so you're have a copy when (if) your hard drive fails. What's nice about having the serial number in a file is that you can copy and paste from there when the install program asks you for the serial number.

Of course you can also copy and paste the serial number from the eMail during the original install ... hope you didn't try to type in that long silly number :)

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