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Problems with Spyware and Spam?

More and more people I know have had their computer taken over by Spyware and other programs that slowly grind their systems to a halt. What does one do about this?

Click for Microsoft's Recommendations, you'll notice #1 on their list is a firewall. They're probably right, for years I've been lucky enough to have a cable router (see below) with build-in firewall so I haven't focused that much attention on them. It's definately worth exploring the pages listed in the upper left corner of the Microsoft Protect Your PC page, they're the ones named: Updates and Maintenance, Viruses and Worms, and Spyware. They will give you a much better understanding of all these issues ... they even have some good short videos.

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All of these ISP have thousands of access numbers, but make sure the one you choose has a number up north that is a local call for you. If someone want's to sign-up for HighStream, give me a call and I'll help you, I want to see exactly how their sign-up process works.

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