Keyboard Shortcuts

Cntl+ C Copy
Cntl+ V Paste
Cntl+ X Cut
Cntl+ A Select ALL
Cntl+ Z Undo
Cntl+ F Find
Cntl+ O Open
Cntl+ S Save
Cntl+ N New (Document,
Window, etc.)
Cntl+ P Print
Win+ E Explore
Win+ M Minimize Windows
Win+ Shift+ M Restore Windows

Cntl+ means hold down the Ctrl key while pressing the letter indicated.

Win+ refers to the key with the Windows logo plus the letter that follows.

There are a lot of other keyboard shortcuts, but I find these the most useful because they work in most programs. Many of the other shortcuts only work in specific programs. To find more keyboard shortcuts use Google and search for "keyboard shortcuts" or try these links:

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